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Documents used by Girl Scouts

Water Skill Certification and Swim Test Forms

Swim and Water Skill tests are required yearly for each Girl Scout, if they are participating in any type of aquatic activities including, but not limited to: pool activity, canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, etc.

When possible, Girl Scout Volunteers administer a Swim Test prior to participation in any aquatic activities. A Swim Test provides the Adult Volunteer with a gauge of each participant's swimming ability should their canoe, kayak, paddle board, etc., tip over. Regardless of swimming ability, all Girl Scouts and Adults participating in any aquatic activities are required to wear a life jacket at all times.

During camp, Swim Tests are conducted at the beginning of each week to assess a Camper’s swimming ability, even if they have participated in one throughout the year. This test will be used when completing any paperwork asking for a swim level. Please keep in mind Campers participating in Summer Resident Camp will still need to complete a swim test upon arrival.

Under certain conditions, a Swim Test may not be possible, and we ask for Parent/Guardian verification of your child’s swimming abilities prior to participating in these aquatic adventures.

To be classified as a proficient swimmer, participants must be able to:

  • Jump into the water (feet first), rise to the surface and beginning swimming towards the edge of a pool

  • Swim 100 yards (the length of a football field) without stopping

  • Swim a minimum of 20 yards in one direction without stopping; using front crawl (freestyle) while keeping their face in the water and without touching the ground or holding onto the wall

  • Tread water for two minutes while keeping their head above water

  • Float for two minutes.

These forms distinguish the level of swimming ability of each Girl Scout:

Planning Documents

Suggestion: Print pages 1 & 2 back-to-back. Page 3 is an example, and doesn't need to be printed.

Copy and customize for your Event.

For new locations the Girl Scouts of Western Washington has not yet approved.

Must be approved by Frances at GSWW (insert date by when approval is needed)

Already approved sites include:

  • All Washington State Parks

  • All Girl Scouts of Western Washington-owned Camps

Links to Girl Scouts of Western Washington Forms

Forms can be found on the Girl Scouts of Western Washington website, Forms and Documents page. Please use the Girl Scouts of Western Washington website as your source and the authority for all forms and their deadlines.

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Troop Activity Form Finder

Girl Scout Permissions and Health History

Adult Health History

Transportation Card

Transporting Girl Scouts Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety Forms and Documents

Emergency Procedure Cards - print and take with you!

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Insurance 101

Certificate of Insurance Request Form and Additional Insurance

Application for High Risk and Sensitive Topics

Emergency Action Plans for Troop Meetings

Policy for Administering Medication to a Minor

Travel Forms and Documents

Travel Application for Short Trips

Intent for Extended Travel

3+ Day Out-of-State Travel Checklist

Out-of-State or International Weekend Travel Checklist

3+ Day International Travel Checklist

Notarized Permission to Travel for Minors

Financial Forms & Documents

Sasquatch Trailblazers and Sasquatch Playground have specific forms for reimbursement in the "Toolbox."

Financial Assistance

Troop Finances

Troop Leader Budget Planning

Camp Forms & Documents

Rent our Camps

Technology and System Training Videos