Patch Progression Project

Sasquatch Playground has lifetimes of wisdom and outdoor skill,
and we'd like to share that with the world!

We are creating a committee to make a comprehensive Outdoor Skill Patch Progression and Education System that is:

Volunteer Opportunities

Curriculum is available to be reviewed over the summer. Meetings will begin in the fall. 

Skill Experts Committee

Skill Expert Review Volunteers

Skill Expert Beta Testers


(Complete) Step 1: Make Overview

> NOW > Step 2: Now until September 14  Recruit Skill Experts 

Step 3: BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 14 and OCTOBER 12th: Skill Expert Committees have first meeting by Skill Area & ongoing online collaboration

Step 4: October 12 - Begin combining all committee work into  DRAFT 1 SKILL SECTIONS

Step 5: Late Fall 2022 - Early 2023 Begin Distributing DRAFT 1 SKILL SECTIONS to Key Experienced Girl Scout Leaders and Volunteers 

Step 6: Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Launch Final Draft for broad publication. 

Step 7: Spring 2024 - Program Launch

Questions You Might Ask

This feels like a short timeline. Are we going to crash into a breakdown?

We realize that it is quick AND

1) We are talking to Experts, who have been teaching these skills for a very long time, and probably already know all of the information we are asking to be put into a template. 

2) Formalizing Skill Progressions tends to be put on the back burner. We'd like to prioritize and get things moving! 

I can't Volunteer now, but I can Volunteer later -- will there be opportunities at a later date?

We'd love to include you whenever you can be available. We may add you to the committee (if needed), or ask you to help and review in other ways. It's helpful to have people from the outside with fresh eyes take a look at what we are doing. 

I am an Expert, I've already built curriculum.
- Would you like a copy of it? YES! Anything you are willing to share is welcome. #OpenSourceIsTheFuture
- But I don't want to attend meetings? We'd welcome you to submit your input before our September 14th meeting. We'd also love to have you Review the Curriculum once it is built. 

I know a lot about a Skill, but I don't consider myself an Expert. Can I still help out?

Yes! Firstly - Consider, that as a human being, we often doubt our own credibility, so you might actually be an Expert. Secondly, all people with knowledge in a subject area are on a range, and as we come together, we'll build something brilliant. 

I have another question, how do I get it answered?

We LOVE questions. If you have a question, others have that same one. Send it to:

Count Me In! 

If you think this is a great project, and would like to help, please complete our Outdoor Champion Interest Application


Google Group for Patch Progression Project - Must be added by Group Owners

Google Drive Folder - Patch Progression Project - Must be logged in to your Google Account that is subscribed to the Google Group

Calendar - Below. Committee members will see details. Public will see "busy."