Questions You Might Ask

How are Trailblazer Groups Organized in relationship with Girl Scouts of Western Washington?

Sasquatch Trailblazers operates as it's own Service Unit. Normally, Service Units cover a geographic area. In our case, we'll be covering all of Girl Scouts of Western Washington, but use the same Service Unit Team structure to manage Trailblazers Groups.

Sasquatch Trailblazer Groups are assigned a "Troop Number," for ease in Council Records and activities like banking. We encourage Sasquatch Trailblazer Groups to create Unique Name as well!

For more details of how to start up a Trailblazer Troop or Group, please see Startup Instructions.

What requirements are there to participate in Sasquatch Trailblazers?

Sasquatch Trailblazers have an open mind and are willing to try new things. They are comfortable meeting and camping with new people and being away from home or their Troop Leaders.

Some events may have specific skills required in the description that participants should meet before registering for an event.

Can a Girl Scout participate in a regular Troop AND Sasquatch Trailblazers Troop or Group?

Yes! Girl Scouts participate in Sasquatch Trailblazers individually as a supplement the Troop experience to offer Girl Scouts exposure and depth of outdoor activities beyond what they might get with their Home Troop.

Does a Girl Scout have to be in a regular Troop?

No! Girl Scouts can participate in Sasquatch Trailblazers as their focus in their Girl Scout experience as an access to exposure and depth of outdoor activities in line with their interests. Girl Scouts must be a registered member of GSUSA, and may select being a "Juliette" (Individually Registered Member).

How are Trailblazer events structured? 

Events express a wide variety of structure! Some events may be a day-only and some may be one or two-nights or longer. Some events are local, some require travel.

How does Registration into a Sasquatch Trailblazer Troop work?

Registration into a Sasquatch Trailblazer Troop is completed on MyGS on the Girl Scouts of Western Washington website. Sasquatch Trailblazer Groups do not generally require registration into the Group (unless it is working toward a goal, similar to a Travel Group), but instead need Event Registration. Please see Startup Instructions for an explanation between Troops and Groups.

How does Registration into a Sasquatch Trailblazer Event work?

Registrations may be hosted on the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Activities OR on Sasquatch Playground Website.

Advertising Materials will point to where registration is completed.

All registrations require immediate payment if a fee is required.

GSWW Website: Log into MyGS, find the Activity on the "Activities List" or "Activities Calendar." Select the members of your Troop or Family to be registered. Complete the steps and pay for the activity.

Sasquatch Playground Website: Complete the form. Follow directions for making payment.

Spaces are filled first come, first served. If space fills and you are interested in being added to the waitlist please contact the Event Managers indicated on your Event Advertising Materials.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation policies vary between each event and is described on that event information.

What about the weather?

Sasquatch Trailblazer events happen in rain, shine, or snow! Information materials include an event packing list. We encourage adults set up their Girl Scout for success by reviewing the packing list thoroughly and dressing appropriately for a comfortable day outside.

If there is a Severe Weather Warning that makes road or program conditions unsafe we will either (a) cancel the event and issue a refund, or (b) reschedule the event and transfer your registration with your permission. If you are not able to make the rescheduled date, we will do our best to issue a refund.

Is transportation provided for Sasquatch Trailblazer events?

NOTE: All Transportation policies are subject to COVID-19 policies and may be updated. See COVID-19 Member Safety Guidelines.

Maybe. Transportation costs and geographic diversity of families in the program makes this a challenge to coordinate. Transportation is more likely available within a Sasquatch Trailblazer Troop system. When transportation is available, Adventure Managers will indicate that on Advertising or Registration materials. We encourage carpools, and families can use our closed Sasquatch Trailblazer Facebook group to coordinate them.

Where can I find confirmation materials?

Registrations completed on the Girl Scouts of Western Washington website:

You can access confirmation information any time, by logging into your MyGS account and clicking on My Activities. Under each event name, you’ll find an attachment with confirmation information. Please Note: only the person who makes the event reservation can see this in their "My Activities" tab.

Registrations completed on the Sasquatch Playground website:

Confirmation materials will be emailed to participants by the Event Registrar.

What are the additional costs for participating in Sasquatch Trailblazers, beyond the cost of event registration?

(how do we include the payment of the Trailblazer Pin?)

The event registration fee includes activities, lodging, as well as meals if an event is for a full weekend.

For our day events, participants are asked to bring their own lunch and families will be informed of this prior to the event.

We provide all specialized gear for an outdoor activity (ex: climbing harnesses, snowshoes, mountain bikes and helmets), unless indicated specifically in registration materials. We will do our best to procure in our networks for specialized gear at low- or no-cost.

Girl Scouts are responsible for coming prepared with their own appropriate outdoor clothing and overnight supplies such as warm winter boots, water-resistant pants, warm sleeping bag, mittens/gloves, etc.

Upon registration for a Sasquatch Trailblazer Event, your confirmation includes a more detailed packing list specific to the event, or is already published in Event information materials.

If you do not already own appropriate outdoor gear, consider shopping at Thift Stores, Amazon used section, garage sales,, REI Clearance, and asking your Village if they have gear to lend. Do not feel pressure to buy new items or break the bank to get supplies you don't already own. Creativity and community goes a long way!

Who staffs the Sasquatch Trailblazers events? Can Non-Sasquatch Troop Leaders attend? 

Sasquatch Trailblazers is a team of Girl Scout Volunteers dedicated to giving Girl Scouts opportunities for outdoor adventures. Events are usually staffed by trained GSWW Volunteers, and may be enhanced by GSWW Staff and Outdoor Vendors (ex: rock climbing guides).

Troop leaders do not need to attend/chaperone members of their Troop when the Girl Scout is participating with an Adventure Patrol. If Troop Leaders would like to attend these events, they must arrange that with the Adventure Patrol Leader on a case-by-case basis.

Troop leaders DO need to attend/chaperone members of their Troop when their Troop is functioning as a Sasquatch Trailblazer Troop.

Any people interested in Volunteering with Sasquatch Trailblazers may start by attending an Information Session.

Does Trailblazers need Adult Volunteers?

Yes! We welcome the outdoor experience and leadership of Adult Volunteers to support this program. If you are interested in volunteering, please attend an Information Session.

I have more questions! Where do I send them?

We welcome questions, suggestions, and Volunteers! Please contact WOMBAT / Lynda B: