Registration, Payment, and Agreements

BOX Registration requires 2 parts 

>>Step 1 - Registration Form & Step 2 - Payment <<

Step 1 of 2 - Registration Forms

Option A - Full Registration

Receive Camp-In-A-Box + Zoom Links

We are so sorry, we have now sold out of boxes for A Camp of Fire and Knives. 

To be added to a waiting list for any unpaid or cancelled boxes, please email:

In the meantime, you may register for our Zoom Only - Procure your own supplies Option B

Receive ZOOM Links ONLY - Free
($3 for optional patch, sold at our Square Store)

Step 2 of 2 - Payment

See below for step-by-step instructions for applying the coupon code for porch pick-up.

Note:  We will fill as many Patches as quickly as we can with the Patches we have in stock. We will do a re-order once we have the final number that we need.  Everyone who orders a patch will get one!

Note: System limitations mean that our STEP 1 - Registration Form has the accurate count of boxes. If Square says, "Sold Out," but you were able to fill out the Registration Form in Step 1,  we will send you a direct link to make payment.

Complete these forms to have our Business Manager to process GSWW Financial Assistance Event Grant* OR GSWW Cookie Dough. 

Last date to submit for FA: Thursday April 8, 2021*

*FA eligibility must already be granted by GSWW.
Note: If FA eligibility is declined or grants already used, another form of payment must be submitted.  Our Business Manger will contact you if this is the case. 

Transfer / Cash / Check

Please email: to receive instructions for Cash, Check, or Account Information for Free Transfer using your Bank or Credit Union.

Registration Agreements & Important Information

1) Complete Registration

A complete BOX Registration is 2 Steps: Registration Form and Payment. BOTH the Registration Form and Payment are required to receive the box.  There are limited boxes available for purchase. We suggest completing your registration quickly, as we expect to sell out. 

2) Cookie Dough and Financial Assistance 

3) Girl Scout Membership

Girl Scout Membership is required. Financial Assistance from Girl Scouts of Western Washington is available for members served by GSWW. Please check with your local Council for Financial Assistance opportunities. 

4) Registration Period

Option A: Camp-In-A-Box - Registration is open until boxes are sold out. We expect to sell out quickly.
Priority Box Registration (Option A) is held for members of Girl Scouts of Western Washington until April 9, after which registration opens for Girl Scouts outside of GSWW.

Option B: ZOOM ONLY - Procure your own supplies. Registration for Option B must be complete by April 31 for CSA and May 21 for DBJ, or when 300 Total Spots are filled (by Volunteer Staff, Option A Box Participants, and Option B Zoom Only Participants) per weekend session, whichever comes first. 
For details see Registration, Payment, and Agreements.

5) Announcement-Only Google Group & Receiving Zoom Links

Participants will be added to an Announcement-Only Google Group, and may submit more than one email address for convenience. ONE email address MUST be a gmail address or registered as a Google Account (Instructions for registering a non-gmail address as a Google Account can be found here.). This is so you can access secure pages of our website. 

6) Zoom-As-Enhancement

Technology fatigue is real. Our Zoom Sessions are an enhancement for those who enjoy it. The boxes themselves come with hands-on experiences, on or off Zoom. We will offer replays sometime after the camp sessions. 

7) Recording Sessions

Sessions are recorded, and published on a private channel on YouTube. If you do not want your Camper recorded, please turn your camera off.

8) Facebook Group (Optional) 

Stay connected with us here! (insert group)

9) How do I select the correct Zoom Session?

Please select the Zoom Session that is most applicable for their skills, no matter the age. A brief outline is listed on our main event page description with activity details

The way the content is taught and the speed with which activities are completed will be determined by the skill level of those attending. It is possible that not all activities sent in the box will be completed in that particular level session. You will have access to YouTube recordings of other sessions to complete those sessions on your own time. 

It is possible that your Girl Scout Activity Sessions may overlap (for example, an "expert" of one skill might be happening during "beginner" of another session, and your Girl Scout is both. Please choose the Session that your Girl Scout would most prefer to do live, and watch the other recording on your own time. 

10) What if I have more than one Girl Scout? How can we participate?

Please decide what works best for your family. It may be best for the Girl Scouts to be in the same meeting together or in two different meetings at the same time. 

11) I have questions, how can I get them answered?

Please send us an email at:

12) Is it possible to register the troop at one time? 

Please have your families register individually. There are important safety agreements that every adult needs to be aware of, agree to, and prepare for. 

13) Is it possible for to make a payment for more than one Girl Scout at a time?

You CAN make a one-time payment for more than one Girl Scout (and anything else you put in your cart, such as extra pocket knives!) by going to the Square Store and putting the Quantity that you are paying for in your cart.  If you are adding the Porch-Pick-Up Code, it will multiply by that quantity.  Once your cart contains what you'd like to purchase, you can move forward with your transaction. 

Please send an email to matching who to apply the payment to in our registration system

14) Can Adult Volunteers register to receive Boxes and Patches?

We do not have a registration option for Adult Volunteers to get their own boxes, because we only have 200 total that our team has the bandwidth to pack, and we'd like to use them for our Girl Scouts. If Adults want to order additional of specific items, we'll have a link to where we suggest orders come from. We are considering an option to add additional specific items to the cart that would easily fit in your Girl Scout's box. Check in with us after March 26th, if we haven't updated this message. 

Patches are sold separately and are available in our Store. 

How to apply the coupon code!

Put the number of boxes in the cart. Click where it says, "+Add a coupon code."

Type "PORCH" into the box and click "Apply."

You can tell that it worked because it looks like this. ^

Safety & Adult Participation Agreements

In-Person Pod Possibility Agreements