Become an Outdoor Champion! Advocate - Expert - Resource

We love connecting with people who love the Outdoors! and supporting opportunities for Girl Scouts getting outside.

There is a wealth of information and generosity in our Girl Scout Volunteers and this is our structure.

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Report Barriers & Needs

We are aware that there are barriers to getting Girl Scouts outside, and we want to hear about them!

Common barriers include:

  • Lack of training

  • Lack of comfort

  • Busy schedules

  • Transportation

  • Cost

  • Not enough adults

  • Procuring supplies

Please help us distinguish any barriers you have or notice others have, and needs to be successful! Chances are someone in our community can provide what is missing!

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Outdoor Champion Position Descriptions

For Volunteer Opportunities related to specific projects, please see those pages or Team Leader.

Outdoor Champion - Advocate

  • Attend Service Unit Meetings regularly to promote outdoor opportunities and share experiences.

  • Connect Girl Scout Troop Leaders with Guides who can provide the needed support.

  • Answer questions about outdoor programming and resources, including GSWW sites.

  • Actively champion nature and outdoors, including "unstructured playtime."

  • Understand the benefits of outdoor experience.

  • Promote, host, or facilitate outdoor opportunities.

  • Keep an up-to-date resource list for your Service Unit and Region, and Masterlist.

  • Attend one in-person meeting per year.

  • Actively participate in an online forum for all Outdoor Champions.

  • Complete activity reporting online.

  • Must be a currently registered and background checked member of Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

This position is perfect for someone with enthusiasm, passion, and organization!

Outdoor Champion - Expert

Support Troops and Service Units with your outdoor skill expertise.

Possibilities include:

  • Offer clinics to train up to 10 adults (upon request) in outdoor skills.

  • Help troop leaders or program leaders plan outdoor activities.

  • Lead or accompany troop camping trips or hikes.

  • Host, plan, and lead outdoor activities for girls.

  • Support Service Unit, Day, and Twilight Camps with outdoor programming in your area of expertise.

  • ... unlimited ideas!


  • Keep all certifications and training up-to-date.

  • Complete activity reporting online.

  • Must be a currently registered and background-checked member of Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

This position is perfect for someone with outdoor skills who would love to share their wealth of knowledge!

Outdoor Champion - Resource

A business, organization, or individual that is not registered with or background checked by Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

We will begin collecting Resource Persons in a future phase of this initiative.

Outdoor Champion Interest & Skills Survey

We want to know how you are already amazing! Help us get to know you!


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Email us: if you have resource you'd like to share!